Large abstract painting son canvas
Who lives right here: Madeline and Dawson Ellis, owners of Mimosa Hand made Jewelry; their children, Charles, four, and Lillie, 2; and their dogs, Willie plus Lucy
Location: Baton Rouge, Lousiana
Size: 1, 350 square feet (125. 4 square meters); three bedrooms, one restroom

The major family room is full of classic midcentury pieces and eclectic finds. The organic shapes of the natural elements, such as the plants and a sizable spotted cowhide rug, enhance the furniture’s clean, contemporary lines. “My

biggest impact has been Luis Barragán. I love his minimal style and usage of bold color and objects, ” Madeline says. “I like in order to be surrounded by things I like to look at, but with kids they have to be because functional as possible. ”

The leather pieces within the family room, including the couch, Barcelona chairs plus rug, are durable options for two young kids. The upholstery wipes clean when spills or mishaps happen. The couch doubles as a sofa bed, switching the particular

living room into a guest room with regard to visitors.



The George Nelson Bubble light formerly put up in Madeline’s grandparents’ eating room.

The hanging chair in the lounge room had been actually Dawson’s grandmother’s. Such as many pieces in the particular home, it is a good heirloom that has already been given new life, weaving cloth together the family’s previous and present. “The dangling chair within the

living room embodies what I attempt to work into the house, ” Madeline says. “It’s vintage, it’s made out there of natural materials, it’s well-used and has already been well-loved, and it provides somewhat of whimsy. ”

The couple was thrilled about the thought of having the fireplace, but after using a closer look they will realized that it had been only ever meant to hold a gas heater. After weighing the price tag on getting rid of the concrete base plus replacing the floor,




they decided to do something innovative and colorful: They will tiled the present fake fireplace with handmade, hand-glazed blue ceramic tiles simply by a friend of their own, ceramicist Leanne McClurg Cambric.

This picture was used from inside Large abstract painting son canvas. It shows the eating room and kitchen spaces, attached through arched openings.

AFTER: This photo, used from the dining room plus looking in the direction of your kitchen, displays the new archway involving the two rooms. It was harder to make the particular opening rounded as opposed to squared, but Madeline wanted system

consistency with the mid-foot between the living plus dining rooms.