A recent Houzz Demand your mudroom photographs drew a great deal of praise for this drop-it-all zone from the front entrance — and some strong opinions. Perhaps the greatest praise came from readers large abstract paintings on canvas, who said, “The mudroom is one of the best house creations since indoor domestic plumbing. ” When we talked with Houzzers who may have created great mudrooms, we found out there more about the layout, setup and cost of this hardworking space. All of them emphasized one thing: large abstract paintings on canvas for sale A mudroom is really as individual as the people who use it.

Almost two decades and many mudrooms later, they still believe in the value of the space. According to these New Hampshire designers, the front door on most New England homes is ceremonial. “Most people enter through the garage area, ” says Haynes. “But the key thing is that it should be in a location that’s convenient. ” And by “people, ” he means guests too; that’s why the architects generally make the mudrooms fit the style of the house.

The particular configuration of the room depends upon what their clients want. “We have clients who don’t like to see any clutter, and they want everything put away. For those people we give them closets and cabinets, ” claims Garthwaite.
With regards to cubbies, the architects have found that a stack of niches — one for shoes on the floor, one for coats in the center and one for less commonly used items on the top — works properly.

A lot of mudrooms on Houzz are more than mudrooms — some incorporate laundries, message facilities and even craft tables. When clients ask Garthwaite and Haynes for additional functions in the mudroom, it’s generally a natural powder room, a dog shower or a tiny countertop that can hold keys and mail. '
Travis and Arielle Weedman, of Weedman Design Partners in Or, do all types of mudrooms, but generally their philosophy is “less is more. ” The two remodel a lot of older homes, and they find that there’s not always room for a large mudroom lined with hooks and cabinets. “In my viewpoint, mudrooms that work well have just what you need on a regular basis, ” claims Travis. “There are other places in the house to store the sleep. ”Just to illustrate: The small but mighty drop area seen here, which the Weedmans created in the access of an older home. It holds the bare essentials: a bench for removing shoes, a mesh-front cabinet for hanging overcoats and stowing backpacks (note: Each family member has one jacket space here, and the bottom of the unit is separated into two backpack cubbies), drawers under the counter for stowing shoes and a tiny drawer for tips.