The plasticity of the paste oil paint for the painter has brought a flexible, broad and free  Extra Large Abstract Canvas Art space. And in addition to brushes, painters can use a variety of tools such as scrapers to paint. The painter can combine the effects of transparency and opacity in the entire range of the same picture.


Oily pigments drying slowly, painters can repeatedly alter the picture, and can directly color on the screen.

Large Black and White Art are bright in color, conducive to the description of the image texture, can fully express the complex tone levels of the image, with transparent, thick and rich superior effect.

Different toners can be used to control the drying time of the color. The contrast of the thickness of the color layer and the change of the brush strokes can be used to produce rich texture of the picture, or to paint on the surface with texture, or to add granular substances to the pigment to express special objects.

Big Black and White Painting have strong covering power and plasticity. It can be completed at one time or covered by multiple layers, and the color layer will not fall off. The oil reservoir is firm and durable after drying, and the color is bright. There is no change in the pigments during drying. It can draw large-scale canvas Large Black and White Art, which are easy to transport, decorate, collect, preserve and clean.